Berry Sanders

Loran's Bluemountainberry x Lungcandy. BMB is Dj' blueberry x BCSC's blueberry crossed to our strawberry cough bx1 male. Very dense blueberry smelling nugs with very high cbd's. First release will be next week at the THC Expo!

this is awesome!! Mota, bro, this sounds like candy medicine, just what i needed to fight cancer with!! SWEET!!! looking for available seeds now!

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I am growing out Berry Sanders. I also plan on entering it in our Harvest Festival in Pueblo,Co in October. I need to know if it is a Hybrid, Sativa, Indica so I can enter it in its respective category.
Thank You in advance.

That would be a hybrid, good luck, we'll be pulling for ya!

Was waiting for more feedback before releasing, we've givin quite a few away so reports are starting to come in.

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I won first place High CBD and 2nd place crowd fav with your Berry Sanders

When are these gonna be for sale?