Welcome to the home of Motarebel Genetics which was established in 2001. Our focus is the Medical community and providing medical quality seeds that are fully tested by the community. Please bear with us as we build this into our community but join us and post your results from our seeds.

Thanks to all who joined us at the Roostertail! Was an honor and pleasure to meet some of Detroit's finest. It was our first show and we appreciate all the feedback we received. We've only made regular seeds over the years but the demand for feminized seeds was enormous so that process will begin shortly. Everyone i talked to about the Fems fully understood my position on them but desired them anyways,we heard you loud and clear. We'll still have regular seeds but also Femmed lines and Autoflower lines.

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Hey Brother MOTA and Hi Everybody; mojave joe here; from the defunct OverGrow / HG420, and long time member of TCC. I co-bred Pacific Aire with Brother Loran back in 2005 which was Our 1st true pain strain genetic from an Airbourne G13bx mother with Loran's Pacifica stud father. Pacific Aire is still around in the F2 lineage and is an awesome ass kicking Pain Strain. What do You think Loran; Wanna make a surplus of PA beans to share w Those in need?

Ahead of you already. I have the Pacific Aire mom 3 weeks into flower and the male 1 week out. I grew out the mom last summer (I only grow OD) and I had forgotten how nice this strain is. Sweet, smooth and easy to over do because of her smokability. So yes I loved it so much that I decided to go ahead and make f2's and see if they're work growing. Great to see you here Joe. Been awhile. Love, Peace & Respect, Loran

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The Pacific Aire Your grew out last season was The BOMB! I couldn't get over how it turned out with You at the Helm! She definitely has solid pain suppression as well as rates a 8.5 out of 10 power wise, in My estimation of things. 15 minutes after partaking PA, I am able to pull weeds, vacuum, walk the dogs, and have a Life!