Anyone wishing to be part of our community should give a little introduction,you can post em up in this thread.

Like the subject line states, i grow ;)
Been doing it a while, still love it.

yo yo

Hey all. Happen upon this site randomly thought I would sign up. Known around the forums as Kriya or Kriyayogi or Andy Genesis... look forward to talking shop and strains!

yo yo....welcome to us eh?

hey an all natural style grower in the gardens outdoors and in. I see this is a new place....ive been interested in motarebel genetics for a while and have grown some crosses made with his older gear......look forward to sharing here

got some ko kush made with motas gear a while back....

so ive been puffin on 4 week cured ko kush. got the beans from sannies but they're motas old schools....
they are legit....the pheno I ran was a 7 ft tall bush at harvest....light weight for sure.....but great potency on the for reals level....fixes my stomach and gets me kushed from first couple hits off flowers....full on legit...gonna place my order here based on that....nice work from way back Mota...look forward to the new news here

Always been a fan of all motarebels flavors and style of breeding. Looking forward to see what your going to come out with. I had worked with the herijuana and knights templar for years... The flavors from the hj and the colors from the knights will forever be the best of the best.

I have been a grower since Michigan voted medical marijuana in. I grow in living soil, in a greenhouse and flower inside also.
I have been admiring MotaRebel strains for years and just happened to do a search to see if genetics were available somewhere and karma led me here.

Hi everyone I'm glad mota has his own forum now this is great, for the ones that don't know me here is some info on me, I'm an amputee of both arms from an electrical accident in 91 and use cannabis for pain, I'm a very out going person and can run circles around some people with arms, I custom paint and build motorcycles and also ride them, I've been a single father for about 10 years now of an 11 year old boy and an 13 year old girl and plan on staying that way lol. I've been currently growing fpog, and bubble trouble but we just had a snow and deep freeze hit this state hard and my electric went out a few days and the cold hit my mom plants really hard so I'm hoping I can save them. hope to meet some new friends here and start a new grow thread here which I haven,t done in a long time.
see you on the boards

Hey ya Hooks! You've been as inspiration to many, myself included over the many years i've known you.

Met a few of the Motarebel crew at the recent MMMC(2015), went through the whole catalog with me and hooked me up with a yooper kush x c99 and a couple other great strains. Thanks again guys and look out for my dwc Yooper x c99 photos!

Thanks for stopping in and seeing us! We had a great time seeing friends and making new ones.

Thanks for your kind words! We greatly appreciate that, I'm glad i got to get you some yooper kush x c99 beans! Keep us in the loop as those are brand new so your one of the lucky few to get em;)

Hello everyone. I am a grower from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I am also a fan of Motarebel's gear, particularly Knights Templar and am hoping for a new batch one of these days.

I do have a question: I am a California MMJ patient and licensed grower. Is there anywhere in the state that sells your gear? I know Harborside used to carry some seeds, but do not think they still do.

Anyway, happy to be here.

Hello and welcome to the site;) if you shoot me an email I could give you more details.

Hey all...we are medical in the great state of oregon...we grow...medicate...and grow some

Is this Smith Farms? Been wondering how things have gone for ya? I know you need some mota in your garden! Let's catch up some time.

Hey Mota...yes this is them you been ? And thanks for answering we are still doing the same thing ...growing and medicating the world..was wondering about some of your beans...and yes we are still medical ...

Still got the same # bro?

Yes...would love to yak at you ...

Just found this site glad I did miss my old mate mota hope all is well would love to test some mota gear it's never let me down ever cheers Dogsnob.

How's everything down under?

Great mate hope your well brother glad I found the site cheers dogs

51 + year old californian, had my recommendation since 1997, been fighting chronic hepatitis c since 2006 (currently undetectable, still have until June on Harvoni, a new treatment), recently diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, with movement to right lung and adrenal gland, looking for #1 high cbd strains and #2 strains that are potent enough to help me stop thinking about the bad parts and just concentrate on living life healthy and happy! Been growing for a few years now, organic, soil/soilless, mainly tlo. Motorebel - have loved your work for years, just read up that you've been working with some high cbd stuff, and thats why i am here. Thank you for making something that just might save my life, i've got between 6 months and maybe 2 years to put this stuff in remission (hepatic carcinoma, no chemo, no "cures" from the cancer community, life expectancy really depends on person but statistics show 6-18 mos.). I've already cut out all sugars, etc., eating broccolli, kale, once i get some plants up and in flower i plan on juicing freshly harvested bud as well as making rso or phoenix tears oil and eating it too. much love to all!!!

We got just what your looking for. We're trying to mesh high cbd with high thc. The high thc is for the mental aspect, relax your mind as well as the body. Shoot us an email here and we'll get a package out to ya.

Sorry I haven't posted this earlier, but thank you mota!! First 6 showed tails within a 24 hour soak with some myco blast, looking very good for a start, and thank you again so very much for the help and support.

Howdy all

How the hell ya doin?

Im doing great my friend! I hope all is well in your neck o' tha woods. Moved too Colorado and am back too rockin full tilt boogie! Im gunna be at the cup looking forward too meeting Mr.G are you hittin up the cup?

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grower in living soil using organics,OD in hoophouse. OverGrow introduced me to growing, when that fell, found TY, which originally introduced me with Mota and many other med-breeders genetics. This season I am growing 2 of MotaRebels strains, a side by side of Mota's Apollo 13 F4's and Triclouds F1. The second of Mota's is Cherry Pie which hasn't been around long, but given Mota's record it should be interesting. Also running some NYCD, Bog's Sour Bubble, Agent Orange, NYC Diesel, Lemon Skunk and Humboldt Snow. Everything is coming along juzt fine. Looking forward to seeing folks at Harpo's and later in Clio

Was a pleasure to meet you Juztbuds! Hopefully in August we'll meet up again.

Hope to learn a lot around here cheers