Hi from the cold white north

Well thanks for inviting me into the Motarebel family. Changes in Canada's legalization are coming fast and furious. It seems the 'wait and see attitude' days are coming to an end in this country. As a 50 plus "rebel" with grown kids, my wannabe hippy fantasy lifestyle is almost reality. Canada is re-shaping its image back to what most Canadians are comfortable with. That is IMHO tough, soft spoken Peace-Keepers, who like to meet new friends, and break bread with our new found partners. Whatever the nation, race, colour, religion, and political leaning you are....You have a friend in "Canadians". Whenever Canadians work together with others.......AFTER the work is done, Having a brewski, and breaking (Lambs)bread, while watching a Hockey game with new friends, is what I have learned over the half century I have lived, IS Canadian!!!! I am so hopeful for the future of all Herbalists in the coming days. I am proud to be living these changes, and soon the new "refugees" Canada takes in , just MAY be some of those persecuted families who will try anything to save a sick and dying child/family member whom have to risk imprisonment. Just because they want to see if this blessed herb can improve the quality of life for PEOPLE. Thanks again, I am currently running, the strawberry collection and a couple other gems Motarebel has blessed our world with so, I can say this from seed-to-heart. We can all make it work together, CHEERS ALL!!!!