Fresh stock

LungCandy is now in stock as well as Novacaine.

LungCandy - Kyle Kushman's Strawberry Cough x Rez's Strawberry Diesel

Novacaine- Original Sensi Star x Loran's LongBottomLeaf ( SFV OG kush x Jacks Cleaner 2)

hey mota? you respond here? ive been growing the diesel heavy clone of whats supposed to be the ohio clone only deathstar for a few years.....never have I come across a smell so strong and potency is top tier...second to none...
back in 96 I lived in denalli ak, worked for the park. hillside strangler is a strain I was told is the closest thing to M thunderfuck that exits today unless you happen to be a guardian of the real deal old cut, and it too is a standout in my brain. I wanna start fresh with new seed stock.....I do not care about flavors... I simply want to be devastated every time I smoke the deathstar flowers are more potent than 90% of peeps concentrate I try. whether or not what I have is what I was told..its more potent than most. what would you recommend from your stock? Im lookin for narcotic trippy devestation that has long ass leggs

Rebel OG
Yooper kush

Any of your fruity or strawberry Xs in stock at any banks?

THANKS!!! mjg132 :-)

We'll have stock going to Firestax this month and Cannazon shortly after.