new stuff being tested

Berry Sanders- BlueMountainBerry x LungCandy
Hooligan - Honu x Pahoehoe
unnamed ones-

Killer Queen x LungCandy
Longbottomleaf x LungCandy
Rebel OG x LungCandy
YzerKush x Pahoehoe

Bluemountainberry is DJ Shorts Blueberry x BCSC Blueberry (made by Loran)
Honu is Mother of Thor x AK-47/Hawaiian Delite (made by Loran)
LongBottomLeaf is SFV OG x jacks cleaner2 (made by Loran)
Killer Queen is BCGA's AirborneG-13 x C-99
Rebel OG is Triangle x LongBottomLeaf
YzerKush is SFV OG x Sensi Star

Pahoehoe is Raskal's Wifi x Hawaiian Cherry bomb sativa (made by Happy Haole)
LungCandy is KK's strawberry cough bx1

Stop in and see us at Traverse City, Mi. on August 29-31 and you can pick up these testers in person.

I grew out a couple killa queen x blue hammer I received as freebies.....the killa queen was all you.....I got one phenol that was pure grapefruit goodness....good meds and solid stone....really liked it.....are your testers ie( killa queen x lung candy) available to willing public now? ill pay premium for that me some of that legit cough....with the killa? id find a keeper or three in a 10 pack....can I purchase as a legal mi patient? that specific tester?

Send MrG an email at requesting testers, any cardholder is able to place an order here. Very soon we'll ship to the other legal states.

...approx times for the drops on these?
I get anxious about drops...

Just waiting for testers to finish up. I'm running some Berry myself and just a few weeks out from harvest. So most likely first part of April testers will be done and we can determine if it gets released at that time.

cheers man!!

hooligan berry danders and cutie pie soon?

Anybody grow it. Thinking about purchasing the strain.