Strawberry Hashplant

Loran's LBL x Lungcandy male grown by dieseldawg2480.

any smoke reports on these strawberry strains?

sorry disrespect meant....I know your work is legit and am not questioning the intensity of the high...only wondering wich are more racy or body mellow or (hopefully both).....mad props to you and your work

Here's my power rankings -
1.Strawberry OG
2. Strawberry Hashplant
3. Strawberry queen- excellent daytime smoke.

S.OG will vary from sweet berry to a dank OG with the dank pheno being a brute is best smoked in the evening.I give it a 9 on a scale to 10.

S.Hashplant has a complex flavor, dank with strawberry blossoms. I give this a 8.5-9.

S. Queen has the sweetest flavor and an up type stone from the C99. She gets a solid 8.

Hope this helps.