Fresh batch of F1's , it's Cherry Pie x Agent Orange. Drying and then off to testers.

Thats gunna be a killer cross, big yeilder as well im guessing.

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Picked some up at the RoosterTail, started five and got three thru to 5 gal. pots, greenhousing them soonest. Sounds like a nice cross, should be tasty.

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Of the three mentioned above 1 was eliminated when it showed male. The other 2 are in full flower presently and should produce well.

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Sounds Yummy!!!

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more days and they'll be ready for test vaporizing...they are sticky as heck and resined up the scissors with great balls of hash. Took the second down today and will give a smoke report at the soonest opportunity. Color me Excited!

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the Cutie Pie in the International Harvest Fest this Feb. along with the MotaRebel Apollo 13 F4. They both turned out frackin' outstanding. They've all been in jars for a few months now and have acquired some heavenly scents. The Cutie Pie smells of cherry vanilla cream in the jar. The buds appear to be somewhat larpy, probably didn't take well to the heat variances I had the last couple of weeks of flowering. It's forest green in color with fewer red hairs than I've seen in most other strains, and, of course, it is juzt oozing with tricombs. Produces a thick, sweet smoke in the Volcano and rolled up, tasting sweet citrus.

I have been as busy as the proverbial one legged man in an ass kickin' contest as of late, and finally ran a bit of both of these (CP & A13) through the old blow tube a couple days ago, got excellent product from both strains. Was able to retain most of the terpenes, giving them good flavor and they are clean and easy on the lungs.

Awesome job growing the cutie pie @juztbud ! Thanks for showing your hard word , it smelled amazing.

Nice job and thanks for the report! Stop in and see us next show is THC Expo being held at Bert's Wharehouse last weekend in April.