A special cross for those that need high cbd's. Good for nausea as well as pain. When taken amber she provides great sleep meds .

Genetics: Romulan x Blueberry
Flowering time is 65-75 days.

Price: 80.00 USD



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I ended up with three pheynos, two are 8' and two different pheynos, one a large calyx nice dense flower , with a sweeter aroma. The other has a looser smaller calyx. The third is about 4' tall and very wide with dense large buds with a sweeter berry aroma. What is the more dominate pheyno for this strain?

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This strain produced a great yield for me. Indoors under 4000w I was able to pull 14 oz of trimmed cured bud off the largest and 10 oz off the smallest with an average of 12 per plant. It is great medicine as it really has some hang time requiring less consumption, and as stated it IS a great sleep med! I didn't get any blueberry flav, however, the ones taken later (12wks ) do have a grapy flav. Great choice for those looking for large yields.